Artist Statement

Drawing is an interesting act. To draw a moment is not only a way to fix the impression as a trace on the paper. It also encompasses the feeling of dividing the moment. When the brush tip touches the surface of a paper it sets down a line between memories and imagination. The drawn line shows a result: memory and imagination eroding each other. It is like a zipper, two different roads become one.

'Drawing' has no solid purpose. It is a micro sensor between touch and memory. It is a training that chooses the best line from thousands of other possibilities at a moment's notice.

One of the reasons why I thought that I wanted to return to Japan was the desire for Japan's summer.
Vigorous sunshine, moisture coming in and around, a thundercloud across the horizon, cicadas’ noise and the night insect sounds. It is nostalgic for summers of a boyhood that I remember 17 years after leaving Japan.

And in January of 2017, I moved from Berlin to Onomichi, a seaside town about 80 kilometers west of Hiroshima. From a city with a population of 3.5 million to a small town of 60,000 people. From the apartment in Berlin Mitte to a house with land with garden. By the time the winter ended nearly all the baggage we sent from Berlin had arrived, and around the end of a short spring the garden was full of weeds. I mowed for several days, cleared the land in a few days, and made a field in one corner of the garden. Cucumber, tomato, eggplant, okra, edamame, beans, sweet peppers etc. planted, while fighting mosquitoes and bees and stray cats and stray dogs. Frequently cockroaches and ants appeared in the house; I was bitten by a centipede twice.

The daily drawing was done with this kind of environment as a background. Even if not directly depicted, the experiences of the new land, such as the flowers in the garden, memories of swimming in the sea and climbing the slope in the hilly town are melded in the picture. Yes, the summer has ended, but on the surface of the paper I found memories of the first summer at my "new hometown".

Takehito Koganezawa