Photographs by Christiane Seiffert

20.07.2017 - 09.09.2017

 Christiane Seiffert 12.04.08

Fig.: Christiane Seiffert, Müde Pflanze, , Ed. 11/30, 15 x 20 cm. Courtesy: Galerie Gebr. Lehmann

Only at the point of perfect conformity of feelings and objects does she operate the shutter release. Seiffert attempts to interpret and translate the core statement of a postcard into a performative body image. Presented here as diptychs, the works, just like those by Cindy Sherman or Erwin Wurm, are firmly based on a subtle, self-deprecating humour.

Christiane Seiffert (b. 1950) studied music in Bremen and Berlin from 1969 until 1975. Teaching assignments lead her from Rome via Cologne to Berlin where she has lived and worked since 1982. Since 1988 she has created “Nachstellungen” (re-enactments), which she has shown, so far, in galleries and group exhibitions in Rome, Vienna, Paris, Hamburg, Dresden and Berlin among other places.