72 HAW 0143

July 8 to August 28, 2016


Ingo Mittelstaedt and the Peter Raue collection

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Haus am Waldsee the Berlin photo artist Ingo Mittelstaedt (b. 1978) has worked with the extensive, previously unpublished private collection of the well-known lawyer and art expert Peter Raue.

Beginning with David Hockney’s series The Blue Guitar (1975), Mittelstaedt’s main concern is a total installation addressing the subject of seeing, collecting and recycling objects as well as ideas from a contemporary perspective. More

Fig.: Ingo Mittelstaedt, Chinese Whispers, installation view, Haus am Waldsee, 2016, detail, photo by Bernd Borchardt 


72 ETC 2012

September 9 to November 6, 2016


Landscape beyond reality

Today, reality and artificiality are becoming more and more indistinguishable. Sven Drühl’s artistic strategy resembles that of a visual DJ: he reinterprets, mixes, de-emotionalises, controls and works with contemporary materials like car finish and silicon.

The painter, mathematician, art historian and dancer Sven Drühl (b. 1967) appropriates images from the collective cultural memory and transfers them into the digital age. With unconventional means, he is able to show how profoundly “information technologies permeate phenomena in the physical world.” (Villem Flusser)

Fig.: Sven Drühl, ETC, 2012, courtesy CONRADS, Düsseldorf und Alexander Ochs Private © Sven Drühl, VG Bildkunst, Bonn, 2016



Freetalk Mittelstaedt

July 27, 2016, 6.30 pm

Guided tour in dialogue

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