Construction site


During its Charlottenburg residency the main house in Zehlendorf is undergoing refurbishment as well as an extension. A wing of the building that was destroyed in the Second World War will be reconstructed. As a consequence the Haus am Waldsee will acquire extra room for events, a library and new office spaces. The villa’s attic will be turned into a studio for workshops. An external elevator will guarantee unlimited accessibility.

The reopening will take place in mid-July, 2018, with a major solo show of Karin Sander.


Shots of the construction site:

72 dpi Baustelle 1


72 dpi Baustelle 2 


72 dpi Baustelle 3


72 dpi Baustelle 4


Historical shots of Haus am Waldsee:

72 HAW 1926


72 HAW 1951