72 Martin Assig St.Paul67  Martin Assig VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2015

Works on paper, sculptures

March 6th - May 17th, 2015, prolonged until May 25th, 2015

Martin Assig’s drawings shine with laconic words and sentences, to which he matches abstract patterns, faces, bodies and clothes in order to let intimate insights, remarks and quotes of the day speak mutely to us.

Possessed of unusual patience and perseverance Assig, born in Schwelm in 1959, now a Berlin resident, creates in his graphic works sheets that unfold a great inner splendour in a small space, targeting directly the very essence of life. The exhibition “Glückhaben” (being fortunate) presents, among other things, over 200 works on paper from his extensive group of work named St. Paul, a series that has been conceived as a tribute to Paul Klee and has kept growing since 2009. More

Fig.: Martin Assig, St. Paul #67 Ⓒ Martin Assig, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015


72 Nezaket Ekici Living Room photo by Guenther Pedrotti

Performances, installations, videos

June 7th - August 16th, 2015

The exhibition tells a story of boundless possibilities, obstacles and outdated taboos, of interaction, corporeality and spiritual freedom. Not least, however, it tells a story of being possessed by possession for as long as we have not found the key to our own independence.

Time and again Nezaket Ekici‘s projects and actions equate to self-assurances in a multicultural, globally expanding society. As a woman and human being the master student of Marina Abramović throws herself against this trend with all the force and self-confidence at her disposal, creating strong images in the viewer‘s mind and triggering mental processes of transformation, bursting through limitations. More


Fig.: Nezaket Ekici, Living Room, Performance Installation 2010, Photo by Günther Pedrotti


The current exhibition "Martin Assig - Being Fortunate" is prolonged up to and including Whitemonday, May 25th.

All visitors only have to pay the reduced admision fee on the last day of the exhibition.


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